Useful Information

1. About Gangwon-do Province

Gangwon-do is located in the mid-eastern part of the Korean Peninsula and is divided into two areas, Yeongdong and Yeongseo, by the Taebaek Mountains running along the eastern part of the peninsula. With the 38th Parallel crossing the middle of the province, it is marked by gentle slopes and mountains, the ocean, lakes, and rivers.
Gangwon-do’s Goseong County, the venue of this event, has rich tourism resources such as the Unification Observatory, a ski resort and a number of cultural and historic sites. The DMZ running across the county symbolizes the tragic history of Korea and its divided people that has lasted for more than six decades.

2. Currency & Tipping

The official unit of the Korean currency is the Won (KRW). The exchange rate of 1 USD is equivalent to approximately KRW 1,180 (as of June 10, 2019). Currency exchange services are available at banks, airports and major hotels. Tipping is not expected in most restaurants and hotels.

3. Climate

The climate of Korea is characterized by four distinct seasons: spring (warm), summer (hot), fall (cool), and winter (cold).
Cold winds sweep into Korea from late November to mid-March, resulting in cold, dry weather, and strong winds. The highest temperatures at the end of November is 10°C (50°F), but can drop below -10°C.

4. Electricity Supply

Electricity is mainly supplied at 220V/60 Hz. Sockets with two round holes (two round-pinned plugs) are used.
Adapters and converters may be needed for participants from countries which use 110V or other types of plugs.

5. Local Time

Korea is in the Korean Standard Time (KST) Zone: GMT +9 hours

6. Local & International Phone Calls

The country code of Korea for international inbound calls is 82, and the area code for Seoul is 02.

To make international calls to the Seoul area, please dial 82 2 + phone number.
To make calls to the Seoul area from other areas in Korea and from mobile phones using Korean service providers, please dial 02 + phone number.

For international outbound calls from Korea, 001, 002 or 00700 should be dialed first followed by the appropriate country code.

7. Useful Telephone Numbers

Police +82-112
Emergencies for Fire, Rescue & Hospital Services +82-119
Information on diseases or to report infectious disease cases (COVID-19) +82-1345